TOP 5 USED CPU + GPU combos

hey, everybody, this is Amit with coalition gaming and we're back with another video for you guys today we're gonna be going the top five use CPU and GPU combos while last time around in our top five GPU and CPU combos video we did that with respect to buying new we're gonna change gears a little bit and go for top five to use in this case trying to get the most value for your money regardless of how you're gonna buy it whether that be newly used but in this specific case let's go used so let's get into it coming in at number five is the Xeon x34 70 and an Nvidia gtx 760 so this might be kind of an odd recommendation as a lot of you probably are familiar with that Xeon 

however, it's a fork or a thread CPU on the first from the first genera of the core ice of CPUs now the gtx 760 a little on the older side sure but it's Kepler architecture compatible with GeForce experience and shadowplay all that stuff you can find them in two gig at four gig variants ideally, you want the four gig variants they float around they float online for around $60 and it's still pretty good to do it you probably get them for less if you know how to haggle motherboards for that that is 

overclockable are in the 30 to 50 dollar range and the CPU as well in the 30 to 50 dollar range what's nice about this Xeon though is that they're marked down a lot cheaper compared to their i7 brethren from the same platform and I believe that was the p55 platform or what's that socket that was socket 1156 I think either way it's from that era, there are a few I believe the i7 860 is the next comparable i7 brethren to that day on however they're they cost more so most boards from that the time that could support that same exact i7 could support the second overclock that Xeon up to nearly 4 gigahertz and departing there's a really good tech tuber out there that's Brian from tech yes city who loves this is his mango 2 for value CPUs in the used market when building budget gaming systems and well I clearly agree with them because the CPU is really great for its age for its performance for its cost all of it so that's number five honorable mentioned there is the Radeon 79928 II that makes you have enough 

power supply for those but either way all that would be great for 1080p gaming coming in at number four is the i5 2500 K and a gtx 770 again with this when you want the 4 gigabyte variant of the 770 since a lot of games nowadays are using a little bit more than three gigs of ram on ultra settings at 1080p you're not gonna want to go 1440p that's not really where we're at where we're looking at 1080p and below CI 5 2500 K itself legendary CPU a lot of people still running it is starting to show its age just a bit but an overclock 2500 K is still competitive with like a G 4560 for example so you can get them around that same price that price being probably a little bit under $100 for that CPU as well as z68 motherboards going for under $100 and possibly even p67 about the boards which you can overclock it as well going for under $100 so all those are well in the budget range and can get 

you great 1080p gaming you're gonna make sure you're gonna want to have a 500 600 pound for these ones because the 770 it is a bit of a power hog so that's number four honorable mention here is the Radeon HD 7970 aka the r9 280x those graphics cards again you can find them around the sixty to eighty dollar range you want the biggest gigabytes in the VM as you can but yeah those are the great ones to find use right now coming in at number 3 we have the Xeon e5 1620 and a gtx 960 now again this again with the Zeon's yeah I love the Xeon this Brian from tech a city I'm sure you agree the Zeon's great value because they're getting dumped onto eBay by server companies and companies are upgrading through their cycle so the e5 6 and 20 have an i7 brethren I believe it is I seven 2,600 2,600 KI think it is, either way, this one has a 3.6 gigahertz base clock with the 3.9 gigahertz turbo clock the e5 1600 series v1 to v3 or multiply or unlock so it's a completely overclockable CPU 

you can probably get up to around 4.5 gigahertz or higher with this CPU and its performance is still great if you guys have seen anything of Sandy Bridge versus coffee but you see that it still keeps up and so will this CPU you can find them for around 70 dollars online on eBay I got one that had a little cosmetic damage that I use on my test bench slash streaming PC for forty dollars so you can find even better deals if you keep your eyes peeled for that so the 960 on the other hand that's probably around $100 you can probably get find a 2 gigabyte variant for less than that and the 4 gigabyte variant within that range maybe a little bit more it still offers great performance it's the Maxwell 

architecture Nvidia is going to continue supporting that for a while longer I don't see a deteriorating like Kepler but great GPU for this so these two as a combo great system for 1080p gaming 60 Hertz may be even higher if you have a higher refresh rate monitor and yeah that's number three honorable mention for the aspiring streamer or a content creator editor on a budget here is the Xeon e5 1650 it's a six-core as well you can find them for around $100 that's 6 cores 12 threads overclockable 

motherboards for this CPU are a little more expensive though because for some the reason the scarcity of the x79 platform has driven the used prices up however some generic Chinese companies are starting to push out motherboards that can overclock the CPU is up to 4 gigahertz and our surprisingly good quality according to some of the reviews I've read on them for the 100 130 dollar range which makes them somewhat budget-friendly the value isn't still the greatest but it's way better than looking for a used X 79 enthusiast board which easily go over $200 it has no value at all at that price range so also if you were an aspiring twitch streamer get a video editor or anything like that rendering the e5 1650 gets an honorable mention here because it's six cores 12 threads overclockable you can throw it on one of the boards that I just mentioned and you have a lot of horsepower in terms of processing so that's number three coming in at number 2 we have the i5 4690k and an r9 290 so this is the first part of the list where I'm actually making the GPU a Radeon as far as the 

recommendation but at the same time this is where the list starts to run out of steam a little bit so the motherboard prices on these ones are great z87 and z97 motherboards start at around $60 and go up from there used online great pricing for those boards the CPUs the i5 4690k Keith they go for 150 and up the GPUs themselves are the 1990s they go for around 150 as well go up from there the RX for the eighties and v 80s which would be the recommendation here if the prices were right that they beat the 290s everywhere however the 290 still holds itself very well in a lot of games as for especially for the 1980 P 60 fps so those are the combos there that are number two coming in at number one we have the i7 4770k and the gtx 980ti now the 980 TI before the mining craze hit the 

prices on those use we're going there just dropping like crazy I met myself got to use 980 TI s and some good ones too an EVGA and a gigabyte for 250 and 260 respectively that's 1070 gtx 1070 level performance if not a little better for under $300 right now most 980 says user 300 and up but because 10 70s are still pretty expensive the values still there on the 980 TI as long as you can get it for let's say 330 or less especially if it's a really good factory overclocked one like the Zotac epic stream or the gigabyte extreme gaming versions the price of the CPU on line let's say let's just looking at eBay they start at around $200 the 4770k overclockable especially if you delete it and do all that stuff to it it can still get great clocks have absolutely great performance in gaming you'll be able to do all the 60 FPS or higher maybe 21:44 to your heart's content with the CPU you get all the little bit of rendering maybe some other stuff on it it can do a lot still very relevant CPU but the bonus here is that the 

motherboards for them as previously mentioned in a number two the motherboards are extremely cheap used online and altogether you would have a great 1080p gaming system even 1440p 60fps so there is a little bit of an X Factor here since the release of coffee lake cable lake and sky lake people with these older generation systems have been looking to offload them no doubt when the 1080p I came along the 980ti prices dropped use and that's how I got mine but entire systems are being offloaded for crazy good prices so if you keep an eye out for more than just components you're more likely to get a better deal that then you expect especially with the Haswell based system or a Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge one of those ones because still incredibly relevant and still incredibly powerful it can do everything still and you can get a great price on those especially if you're looking for a whole system right as I said anyways this is chrysocolla she gave me if you guys liked this video click that thumbs up button subscribe we always have more coming and make sure you check out our contest we're doing a giveaway for a gaming PC and that'll be linked in the description below or right up here you'll see a little card appear for it we have a really good plan with that you get to check out some of our other coalition gaming crew members channels through that as well you catch streaming you'll see some other opportunities for four more entries in that contest as well as a way to beef up that system anyways I'll see you guys in

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