How can I display my phone screen on my laptop?

First thing first, all third party software whether it is VNC or Mobizen, most of them are promotional posts and they don’t connect easily, having multiple processes of installation A, installation B, Memory Issues, Sign - in and whatnot.
If you are having an Android phone and let’s assume Microsoft Windows laptop.
Without much pain and processes, actually, you can do that without installing such software either on mobile or laptop.
Method 1
I’ve shared the video for reference, but the process goes like below:
  • Enable Wireless on both devices
  • Go to the notification center of Windows, and click on Connect as below image

  • Click on projecting this to PC
  • Make your setting page like below

  • Open mobile, enable Cast/Cast Screen/Screen Cast.
  • Find your Laptop Name there, connect it.
  • Give PIN and you are set to ScreenCast live without any extra pain.
  • This video will help you with more references.
Method 2

  1. Google "wondershare mobilego".
  2. Open the website.
  3. Install the setup according to your PC OS.
  4. Install on your phone too.
  5. Allow USB debugging on your phone ("Android" Phone settings- tap "About phone"- tap "build number" 7 times- go to "developer options"- check " USB debugging")
  6. Now open mobilego on your PC.
  7. Connect phone to PC via USB cable.
  8. Go to screen mirroring option.
  9. It shall guide you through every step.You can do every possible thing to your phone through the PC.
Method 3

U can cast your screen by the following method:
  1. Download the Vysor app on your Android device.
  2. On your laptop go to Google chrome and add Extention of Vysor found on Chrome Store.
  3. Sync your account with google and you are done.

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