Namecheap files reconsideration request over removing .Org, .Info price caps

Yes, big kudos to NameCheap for doing this.
There is so much more at stake with this, so much more than what we normally think about specific to this industry.
It’s similar to Net Neutrality and other monumental issues like that.
Freedom of speech, freedom of communication, freedom of the press, publishing, journalism, you name it.
Are you a cretinous person who doesn’t care about such things and only cares about money and wealth?
Freedom of commerce, trade, entrepreneurship, the simple ability and opportunity of the common citizens of the world to engage in business and commerce in an affordable way in order to support themselves and their families and merely even seek to make a living. The same freedom and opportunity everyone else in the developed world has enjoyed until now – AND WHICH HAS SO GREATLY ENRICHED AND BENEFITED THE ENTIRE WORLD – all of us.
Freedom and opportunity to innovate in ways potentially greatly beneficial to everyone – starting affordably.
It’s not about non-profits, though clearly, the issues around that vis-a-vis .org are nothing less than obscene and kafkaesque and important.
The starting point is that legacy TLDs are a PUBLIC TRUST, not a corporate oligarch owned resource. People have always relied on that, at great investment and expense of time, money and “life” – AS THEY SHOULD have always been and always be able to. In essence, they are also a public utility, whose management is merely entrusted to others as stewards.
The purported “justification” for removal of the price caps is pure disingenuous propaganda BS, and any 12 years old can see it. As far as I’ve seen, it boils down to two points:
1. Conformity of contracts: is it even humanly possible to come up with a more extreme BS than that? Is it? As if it is somehow “inhuman” to expect an organization to maintain more than one type of contract? When the truth about reality is that legacy TLDs are categorically different from new OWNED gTLDs?
2. “Maturation and maturity”: okay, maybe it is possible to come up with more extreme BS than point #1 because that is what that is. Does it even get any more absurd than that? Does it even need explaining? Better yet – how about if whoever came up with that nonsense tried to explain it.

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